Personal Credit Score

Credit scores, three-digit scores in the range of 300 to 900, are an essential parameter used by financial institutions (banks, NBFIs, insurance companies, etc) across the world in determining the creditworthiness of an individual. In India, credit scores are issued by four credit information companies viz, TransUnion CIBIL Ltd; Equifax, Inc; Experian Credit Information Co of India Pvt Ltd; and, CRIF High Mark Credit Information Services Pvt Ltd. A credit report issued by any one or all of these credit bureaus is available to individuals free of cost once per year.

` It becomes more difficult for individuals to avail credit facilities from financial institutions if the credit score issued by a credit information company is low. A low credit score is due to bad credit decision making by the concerned persons. One can make several mistakes during their credit history. However, a step-by-step credit repair process helps persons improve their credit scores and be creditworthy again.

The Iyer and Associates Credit Repair Process (Click to expand)


  1. Our Services are provided on the assumption that all dues to Credit Institutions are paid or will be paid by you.
  2. Normally your work will happen as indicated below; but we will do our best to get it done faster.
  3. No correction in Transunion CIBIL's or other Credit Information Companies' reports will happen without verification ay yhe Credit Institution.
  4. Any frequent checking of credit scores at the Credit Institutions by you has a risk of reduction in your credit scores.
  5. You will have to pay or subscribe to Credit Information Companies to get latest Scores & such charges are not included in our charges. Our charges include charges for disputes to be filed with Credit Information Companies and filing Grievance Application with the Credit Institution is rejected, Legal Notices have to be served, which are separately chargeable.
  6. Composite GST is payable for our Services, both credit reporting disputes and legal notices. If corrections to be done with multiple Credit Information Companies, separate charges will be applicable for each*

* Nomenclature as per Credit Information Companies (Regulation) Act, 2005 and Credit Information Companies Regulations, 2006

Likely issues or problems found in the PCR Documents needed Normal time frame Charges
To update accounts after paying overdues No overdues letter or statement 2 - 3 Weeks Rs. 3600.00/-
Savings or current account removal SB / CB Passbook or letter or statement 2 - 3 Weeks Rs. 3600.00/-
Stranger or unknown loan account removal No documents 2 - 3 Weeks Rs. 3600.00/-
Closed loans reporting Closure letter or statement 2 - 3 Weeks Rs. 3600.00/-
Mismatch in reports between bank and other sources Copy of report fron bank with control number 2 - 3 Weeks Rs. 3600.00/-
Reporting of renewal of KCC, Overdraft, etc Renewal letter or statement 2 - 3 Weeks Rs. 3600.00/-
Removal of deliquency remarks like - SMA, SUB, DBT or LSS Adequete proof that the same was not caused by the client 3 - 4 Weeks Rs. 6000.00/-
Settled / Write off / Suit filed / Closed loans with overdraft removal No-dues letter or statement or we will get the same ourselves on the condition that you are ready to pay your dues to banks or Credit Institutions if any 3 - 4 Weeks Rs. 6000.00/-
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